Back To Whole Foods: Eat Your Way To Better Health

Like most Americans, you probably grew up on the standard American diet, where ultra-processed and fast foods were the staple, not realizing the impact on your health.

These foods are not what people originally ate. Our diet has evolved with scientific progress and modernization, and unfortunately, not always to our advantage. In traditional societies worldwide, you will see eating patterns based on whole grains, beans, and other legumes, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, meat, and fish. We refer to these foods as whole foods or real foods that come from nature and have undergone minimal processing. Therefore, still have their nutrients intact.

The impact of ultra-processed foods on our health

The food from our fast-food restaurants and food manufacturing companies is often made with heavily processed ingredients depleted of most nutrients. Consequently, not having enough nutrients could cause our bodies to degenerate faster. Thus, increasing our vulnerability to a range of chronic diseases as we see today.


Can you eat your way to better health?

The answer is yes! According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), six in ten adults in the United States have a chronic disease, and four in six have two or more. Chronic diseases, including heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes, are linked to our diet and other lifestyle choices.  Therefore, if we ate our way into this disaster, we could eat out of it. Returning to our initial diet of whole foods is the key to good health!

My philosophy is simple for healthy eating: Eat Real Food And Listen To Your Body. It’s all about eating as close to nature as possible. My mission is to help you through the process.  At Wholesome Living Academy, we make healthy eating delicious, convenient, and affordable!

Our 5-week “Back to whole foods” program is specially designed to help you eat for better health.

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