We have various online courses to help you gain the knowledge and skills to help you live a healthy lifestyle. We hope you find what you need, and if not, please send us a message, and we will consider adding the course you are looking for.

Healthy Eating Without Breaking The Bank

Healthy eating doesn't have to be expensive. With this class you will learn how to buy healthy foods without spending too much money. You will also learn how to properly store different food groups to avoid premature spoilage and reduce waste.

What's Really In Your Food?

This class will help you make sense of nutrition fact labels, ingredients list, and health claims on food packages. Most often, you are not really getting what you think you are paying for. This class will definitely open your eyes, and help you make healthier choices at grocery stores.

Meal Planning Made Simple

What’s for dinner? You are probably familiar with this daunting and frustrating question. This class will take away the frustration as planning up a week of healthy and delicious meals will become super easy. It will also help you save money and reduce stress.

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