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Let’s get back to nature with real food!

When it comes to making a delicious meal with wholesome ingredients, here are some objections that I often hear:

  • I am not sure what to eat, everything is so confusing…
  • Healthy foods are too expensive…
  • I can’t decide on what to cook
  • I don’t know how to cook healthy foods…
  • I don’t have time to cook…
  • Healthy foods are tasteless
  • I am too tired to cook every day

Does any of these sound like you? If so, no worries. I have got you covered! I’ll help you make healthy eating delicious, convenient, and affordable.

My philosophy for healthy eating is simple:
Eat Real Food And Listen To Your Body.

Nathalie Talom

Healthy eating is not just about what you eat, but it’s also about how you eat it. It’s about adjusting your eating habits to better support your needs in every season and circumstance of your life. That’s why instead of following dietary guidelines or the latest diet trend, I will coach you to find food freedom. As you explore different foods while listening to your body and intuition, you will understand how to eat to best support your unique body.

Ditch the diet

If you have tried a few diets, you know the frustration and guilt that come with them. It’s time to let go of those burdensome rules and make peace with food so you can feel good about yourself.

Here is how you may benefit from this program:

  • Break the yo-yo dieting cycle and embrace food freedom
  • Honor your hunger with real food while also making some room for your favorites, "Not so good foods."
  • Say yes, and no when necessary without feeling guilty for your decision
  • Take back control of what you eat, instead of food controling you
  • Implement sustainable eating habits that best support your unique body.


Stress-Free Family Nutrition

This program is designed to address the challenges that working moms faced when it comes to family nutrition. It’s all about healthy choices that fit into your busy life.

Here is how you may benefit from this program:

  • Understand how to put together nutritious and delicious family-friendly meals in no time
  • Make healthy food choices that fit into your busy schedule
  • Use some critical tools to save time in the kitchen (Meal planning, meal prep, and batch cooking)
  • Buy healthy foods without spending too much money
  • Store food properly to reduce food waste
  • Stock your kitchen properly for nutritious and delicious meals
  • Become confident about buying and cooking healthy meals that the whole family enjoys


More Foods, Less Cooking

When living alone, finding the motivation to cook can be challenging. This Meal Prep /Batch Cooking Program will help you enjoy healthy and delicious meals with less cooking.

Here is how you may benefit from this program:

  • Learn how to cook once and use multiple times
  • Make balanced and delicious one-dish meals
  • Shop with convenience in mind, so you won’t spend too much time prepping
  • Know the critical kitchen tools to make the preparation and cooking process more effective
  • Build your meals around nutritious foods that you enjoy
  • Make cooking a fun experience that you look forward to


Personalized Meal Plans

Do you need to follow specific dietary requirements to better support your health, such as Keto, low-carb, gluten-free, low-glycemic, low FODMAP, vegetarian, vegan, plant-based, or anything else?

Here is how you may benefit from this program:

  • Eliminate stress about your food choices
  • Gain peace of mind about supporting your dietary needs
  • Try new foods that are good for you
  • Save time and money
  • Enjoy well balanced meals
  • Improve your health


If none of these services meet your needs, contact me for a customized program

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