Uplifting Foods

The Story behing Uplifting Foods

Growing up in Cameroon, I was always impressed with my grandfather’s robust health. One of his bobbies was to create concoctions with medicinal plants, to help people dealing with different ailments. He had a garden in his backyard where he grew a variety of plants with known health benefits. Consuming some of these plants daily was part of his normal routine, whether he was sick or not. he was convinced that they had defensive compounds that protected people from certain diseases, as well as boosted vitality.

I rarely heard that my grandfather was sick. while he may have caught a bug now and then, it was never serous enough to put him in the hospital. He was about 100 years old when he died, and was still walking miles a day without any support, had a good memory, and was on no medications. All things considered, as I thought about my grandfather’s life, I realized that his consistent consumption of real, whole foods, along with a variety of health promoting plants went a long way toward contributing to his good health and longevity. looking at other traditional cultures around the world, I noticed a similar lifestyle pattern in people experiencing good health. In our modern-day-society, however, we tent to rely mainly on drugs. Sadly, those drugs are not always the best answer, and often come with side effects that might require new drugs, leading people to a trap of medication dependency.

Consuming a variety of plants with known health benefits either for prevention or as part of a treatment regimen, is not something most people think about. This observation has prompted my passion for helping people reconnect with nature, through the consumption of high-quality, nourishing foods and health promoting plants. My mission is to look around the world, for those foods and plants that people have successfully used to nourish their bodies and promote good health. It’s my desire to introduce those superfoods in our western diet, in as easy and convenient a way as possible, so anyone can enjoy the benefits of good health, vitality, and longevity. For this reason, I founded Uplifting Foods, a health food company dedicated to fostering a healthy life experience.

Let’s get back to nature and reclaim our health!
Nathalie Talom