Eat It Or Drink It


Imagine the quality of life possible, without symptoms of chronic diseases, and how much money could be saved on medical bills and pills… Take back control of your health with targeted foods, increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, restore balance in your body, and start feeling fantastic!

Eat It Or Drink It Reveals:

  • How we get to the health crisis we are facing today, and what to do about it
  • Some of the most nutritious foods with specific health benefits to protect and heal your body
  • Best food source of some critical nutrients
  • Some superfoods and their health benefits
  • How to use power-smoothies and juicing to improve your health and manage your weight
  • Everything you need to know about making power-smoothies, and juicing
  • Some delightful recipes to promote good health

About The Author
Nathalie Talom is a certified holistic nutritionist, a passionate speaker rooted in biblical principles and evidence-based science. She is on a mission to help believers reclaim their health through whole foods and healthy lifestyle choices, so the entire body of Christ could be stronger to advance the kingdom of God more effectively.