The Truth About Dietary Supplements

Every function in the body is nutrient-dependent. Higher exposure to toxins and a low supply of nutrients from poor food choices can lead to nutrients deficit. Consequently, you might struggle with recurring issues such as low energy, constipation, headaches, achy body,  poor sleep, and more.

Except for vitamin D, which mostly comes from sun exposure, we could get all the nutrients the body needs from our food, whole foods. But unfortunately, since heavily processed, nutrient-poor foods are more convenient in our modern societies, they have become the staple for most people. And many try to compensate with dietary supplements.

However, no dietary supplement can fully replace the abundance and variety of nutrients in a single whole food. So, by investing your money in whole foods, you will get more return for it in terms of nutrients. Nevertheless, while you are working on improving your diet, taking the right dietary supplement can drastically improve your health.

I help people get professional-grade dietary supplements from some of the most trusted brands among integrative health practitioners and from a trusted platform where quality control is maintained.

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